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From experience to understanding to tackling Anti-Muslim Racism

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2021

We proudly to present our first publication:

Anti-Muslim Racism (AMR) is a threat in Germany that is growing stronger and gaining a foothold in the centre of society. The brochure "From experience to understanding to tackling Anti-Muslim Racism - Intersectional campaigning to combat Anti-Muslim Racism" aims on the one hand to create visibility for the problem of institutional AMR. But the publication also aims to present intersectional voices of Muslim actors in Germany, with voices from Fereshta Ludin or Ozan Zakariya Keskinikiliç, among others. Tips are also given on how to take activist action against AMR in an intersectional approach.

The brochure was funded by the Open Society Foundation and developed in cooperation with CLAIM - Alliance against Islamophobia and Muslimophobia.

If you want to have a look at the brochure right away, you will find the link to the downloadable PDF version below.

We will gladly send you one or more printed copies of the brochure free of charge. Send us a message here with your address and the number of brochures you would like.

If you can, please leave a small donation for printing and postage. We were able to finance the first edition thanks to the funding by Open Society Foundation. But we also want to make the brochure available free of charge beyond that. If you can, make a donation so that we can send the brochure free of charge to other committed people and activists!

You can download the brochure here:

PDF herunterladen • 4.64MB

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